About Us

ATV BIKES are a specialist manufacturer, importer and retailer supplying a wide variety of children's and adult indoor & outdoor vehicles Toys,Trailers & Leisure products

our range of products have grown rapidly.

We have enjoyed so much success that we have expanded our supply to cover the whole of the UK , This success has been largely due to the way we run our business - we firmly believe that you, as the customer, should only be supplied with the best products we can source and develop for the very best prices

We are constantly improving the specifications and quality of our products and ranges and always looking for high quality products at sensible prices we can supply to our customers and then offer the support needed.

As an importer who retails straight to you, without the wholesalers involved, we can slash the prices of retailers who buy from wholesale suppliers yet still supply high specification and reliable machines.

Our products are not lower priced because we sell lower specification or quality machines, on the contrary it's the other way, we simply buy and manufacture better, this even allows us to offer showrooms, better warranties and better support including free tech support from our mechanics and experts.

Not only are the ATV BIKES products good value, more importantly they are good quality.